well, I'm an ass

about a month back I lauded Senator Pat "No, Eff YOU, Mister Cheney" Leahy and Representative Henry "Wax yr corrupt ass" Waxman for their efforts on calling the current criminal element in the Executive Branch (i.e., the entire bleeping Executive Branch) on the carpet for one or two of their many malfeasances and assorted felonies. given that the pace of official business in the nation's capital swamp moves even slower in dead summer, a month is about a frog's breath in the life cycle of a Congressional subpoena.

it's not that I expected some sort of progress to have happened by now on the "let's actually gather evidence on one of these crooks" front. It's that I once again suspended my own healthy disbelief and expected anything to actually happen beyond a dumbed-down dog and pony show. I pulled the wool over my own eyes and thought we might just get ourselves a real live impeachment donkey show at the end of it.

HA! So funny!

so for this evening I will self-administer a hearty slap and remember that whatever goes on in Washington, No Good Will Come Of It. And that goes double for the Nationals.


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