BIDEN?!?!?! we are so screwed

Verbally fumbling about in disbelief this morning as I read that Obama has apparently picked Delabama Senator Joe Biden as his running mate, I found myself muttering his name as we drove the family home from the Y this morning. My six year old started requesting that others kiss his various body parts, and the wife interjected "Kiss my Joe Biden". It's a fairly utile expletive, seeing as he's often both a putz and an ass, confirmed by the fact that the kids started picking up on it right away.

"Kiss my Joe Biden" quickly Spoonered into "Kiss my Bo Jiden", which devolved quickly into a new phrase that might not make it past the TV censors.

Thus, I submit for your enjoyment, the word of the day: Bojina, meaning a clean, articulate, and sometimes over-the-top almost non-specific body part reference. Use it wisely.