Spanish Market at the Heard

I had the good sense to get to the Heard Museum's Spanish Market this past weekend. I've been reluctant to go to these - in Arizona and New Mexico - in the past. To me it seems most of the artists and artisans work in either the same set of imagery: Virgen de Guadalupe, cruces, retablos, dominos, Dia de los Muertos, la Raza, and silversmithing out the wazu. Except for the hyperCatholic stuff I'm an admirer of the genre, but I can only go look at it so many times.

This Market was chock with the above, but there was enough creativity within the usual styles to make it worth the trip. One standout: Nuevo Mexicana artist Marion Martinez reworks circuit boards into techno versions of retablos and other traditional Hispano art forms. She had a "Motherboard of Guadalupe" on display, and on her website there's a photo gallery of her work including this very Sith-looking Jesus.


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