dream interlude

i dreamed the president of the united states had to wear a diaper at all times because he could not stop from pissing hisself. i discovered this inadvertently when i tried to place a small box on his head as a new year's eve hat and found that his back was soaked through his suit. the secret service was not happy with this and chased me away.

i felt sorry for the man and wanted to find him a towel. from a distance he seemed unhappy with his moistened state yet accepting of it. i resolved to put rubber underwear on my christmas list for next year.



update from the desert

oooh, i been busy. only a week left before bink starts 4th grade and it's been me and the boys all week, all day, all the time. i am seriously losing my shit. (note: should you locate my shit please do not return it, as i will just lose it again.)

but i have found time for a hobby. i've decided that my congressperson has pissed me off enough that i'm going to dedicate the next 2-1/2 months to introducing her to the pleasures of the unemployment line.

to that end i've gone and become the New Mexico moderator for i'd originally intended to help out the local chapter, like the Albuquerque or Bernalillo County or even the 1st Congressional District chapter, but it turned out there wasn't one. Nuthin'. sheesh, even Kentucky has a chapter for each county, but NM? nada. so i asked, and now i'm the mod for the Nuevo Mexico Group. Now all i have to do is find some members and get to work on ousting Leather Heather.

it's too bad, really - i'd like to see more women running the government, but she's proven herself time and again to be little more than a GOP toady who lets Big Oil, defense contractors, the NRA, and the trained monkey in the White House (whoops, he's taking a euro-style vacation this month, make that the trained monkey on the ranch) do the thinking for her. even scarier is the fact that she's no common Republican meat puppet - she's a Rhodes scholar and holds a Ph.D. in international relations from Oxford. She's actually a brillliant individual who's stated in the past that she would not support sending US military personnel overseas unless there were clear threats to US interests. then again, she didn't exactly state what the nature of those interests might be. crafty....

so i'll be posting updates and various screeds here shortly. gotta go tell the neighbors that the end is near or something....



what i believe, part one
(with apologies to Steve Martin)

i believe that some flowers, puppies, and babies are downright ugly. but not yours or mine, of course.

i believe that jesus, or iesa, or yeshua, or whatever, if he existed, was an okay guy. but st. paul / saul of tarsus, now there was a bad bastard. and that rabbi yeshua could've used a better PR firm, too.

i believe that jerry b. jenkins and the reverend tim lahaye are a couple of scary bastards.

i believe i am going to use the word "bastard" at least one more time before the night is through

i believe new mexico would be a truly beautiful place if there weren't so many white people here. same goes for pennsylvania and the dakotas too.

i believe the president of the united states of america needs to spend more time naked and alone.

i believe i exhibited great self-restraint in not using up my "bastard" quota on that last one.

i believe peace will prevail on this earth. whether it's with or without humans remains to be seen.



toy du jour

Kryogenix's cis-translator, the vodka is good, the meat is rotten, will instantly babelfish any web page. try it on this one....




it's been eight days since i posted, and this page is starting to feel stale. so what've i been up to over the past week+ ?

first and foremost, i've been watching the boys at home. a few weeks back i had to take bink out of his regular day camp. he'd been alternating between two, one at the childrens' museum and the other at a health club, complementing his major needs of exercising his enormous brain and running around like a puppy on amp'd entheogens. the programs at the museum have been consistently excellent, but enrollment is occasionally so low that they have to cancel a week here and there, and their summer program ends, um, tomorrow.
i'd had a few reservations about the utter chaos at the health club's "kids kamp" (and yes, about the name too), but i just took a deep breath, praised Eris and made sure bink had sunsccreen and water. then one monday last month he came home with a knot on his head. after some interviewing ("so bink, what happened today?" "mmrummumrmmrumrmrmur...") i learned that he'd slipped and hit his head on the concrete by the pool, was screaming incoherently for at least ten minutes, and may have had a concussion (turned out he didn't, but we didn't come to that copnclusion until much later). yet no one at the "kamp" bothered to tell their supervisor, much less call me or any of his other emergency contacts.

so he spent the rest of the week with me and the babies. a good time for male bonding right? riiiight.

by the end of the week i was going stir crazy, as the four of us couldn't seem to get out of the house before noon and then had to get to shelter before the afternoon monsoons hit. i managed to enroll him in the museum's afternoon program last week, but this week was another experiment in swamp-cooled cabin fever. we had a tryout day at another daycare center; he liked it enough to go for the next two weeks, and soon afterwards school starts and i will praise the coming of that day like the Dineh greet Dawn Boy, except with more out-loud whooping.

other than that i've been going to tai chi regularly (after years of telling myself to do so only to manufacture a few bazillion excuses) and making a few Bad Art Things.