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this bah-log has been inactive for a good 4 years. I'm just catching up, but feel free to read some of the older posts. They're not that bad. I have been out of the desert for too long. some people go wandering in the desert for 40 days or years or whatever, then "return" and begin their lives again. I think I can only thrive in the desert; I spent 3+ years Back East in the eponymous swamplands of Delabama and couldn't put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard most of the time. Part of it may have been my triumphant return to the workforce after a 3.5 year absence/sabbatical as a full-time parent. But even though I was once again in the company of other adult humans, some of them even likable by my odd standards, I could barely think straight, much less write. But anyway, I promised myself I'd get back to this someday. Looks like I did.



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